If you are a business owner, bad things can happen at any time:

Man shoplifting from store
Burglarized business
Armed robber threatening cashier
Apartments on fire

It's best to be prepared. We can help.

Koehlinger Kruse Security Systems installs and services quality security systems for businesses and organizations of all sizes, from small retail shops to school campuses. Our experience ranges throughout the commercial sector: banking, healthcare, government, schools, manufacturing, retail, communications, insurance, and non-profit organizations. We install alarm, surveillance, and access control systems that are custom designed and installed to meet a customer's specific requirements. Let us design and install an electronic system that will help you protect your business, employees, and customers. See below for a more detailed description of each of the system types or contact us anytime for a free consultation.

Alarm Systems

A monitored alarm system has become a necessity for any business. If your business is vandalized or burglarized, you could find yourself 'out of business' for some period of time. Depending on the nature of your business, a security system may be required in order for you to obtain insurance coverage. An effective system allows for alarms to be automatically triggered by electronic sensors or on-demand by you or your employees. It also allows you to control employee access to different parts of your business.

Automatic Alarm Events

Intrusion sensors
Door & Window Intrusion
Motion sensor
Glass break sensor
Power failure symbol
Smoke detector
& Fire
Carbon monoxide sensor
Flood sensor
Temperature sensor
Abnormal Temperature

Automatic alarms are initiated by electronic sensors attached to the system. When a sensor is 'tripped', the event is sent to the system control unit. The security system responds in different ways, depending on the type of event. Some events cause an audible alarm, while others are silent. Some events require authorities to be contacted, while others only require that a company employee be contacted.

Duress Alarm Events

Duress alarm button

Duress alarms are those that are initiated on-demand by you or your employees in response to an emergency situation. These events always trigger a response by authorities. The alarm can be audible in the case where you want to alert your employees and customers of the danger. It can also be silent in order to contact authorities without endangering your employees and customers, as in the case of an armed robbery.

Authorized Personnel Only

Employee disarming company alarm system

An alarm system does more than help keep the bad guys out. It can give you more control over who has access within your company. For example: You own a manufacturing company, and as the owner, require access to every department in the company; however, your shop foreman only requires access to the production department. This is all easily possible because each employee has a unique 'pass code' defined on the system that restricts access to the required areas only. The system also provides you with a historical record of events so you know when the system is being enabled or disabled and by whom.

Video Surveillance

Video can prove valuable to a business owner in a number of ways:

  • The sight of video cameras on the premises can be intimidating to criminals, so their presence may help prevent crimes.
  • If there is a crime and the video is being recorded, it may prove helpful to police in apprehending those responsible.
  • Cameras give the business owner a chance to review the workflow and the working habits of the company employees.
  • For companies such as retail stores, the video can be used to study customer traffic through different areas, analyze wait times for checkout, and provide a visual record of any disputes that occur between employees and customers.

We've got you covered

Point of sale video
Broad coverage video

From close-up detail indoors to wide area coverage outdoors, we have a video solution for your business or organization.

Video surveillance systems are not simple things. For them to work correctly, they must be designed with foresight and installed with precision. We have decades of experience doing just that. We begin the design process by first listening to the customer. Customer requirements and expectations become the framework for the design. We then analyze the physical location and determine the locations and types of equipment that meet the requirements. The design requires consideration of numerous factors, some of which include:

  • Future system expansion
  • Video quality required
  • Retention of recorded video, if any
  • Lowest cost solution that satisfies requirements
  • System networking requirements
  • Lighting
  • Operating environmental factors, such as weather, temerature, and humidity
  • Vandalism that impairs or defeats system functionality.

Once the intitial design is complete, we review it with the customer and make sure that it meets the requirements. If the customer decides changes are necessary, we make them. Then comes the installation phase, which has its own set of considerations:

  • Optimal location for maximum coverage
  • Camera aiming to focus on specific areas
  • Supplying power necessary for camera operation
  • Type and length of communication cables
  • Additional inline hardware required for system networking
  • Out-of-reach location and other factors relating to intentional system damage
  • Location restrictions due to privacy issues


Almost all video surveillance are networked in some fashion in order to provide for collecting and storing historical video on a centrally located device. A simple network might consist of a few cameras connected to a DVR in the back room. A complex system might consist of hundreds of IP (internet) cameras, installed over a wide area, connected by a dedicated network infrastructure, and monitored from a central location. Small or large, simple or complex, we have done them all. We were one of the first security companies in the Fort Wayne area to offer video protection for our customers. Typically, we install and configure the entire system for our customers as an isolated, or 'stand-alone' system. We then install any software necessary for them to use the system, such as remote control applications that run on a computer or mobile device. We complete the installation with instructing the customer on using the system. We also do installations where we are only responsible for part of the networking. Some of our customers have their own network and technology staff to support it. They might want their IT department to oversee our installation, or if their existing network will support the load of streaming video, they may want to minimize installation cost by attaching the system to the existing network. We can complete the job independently or cooperatively with your staff to get the job done.

Access Control

Using security keypad to gain entry
Scanning magnetic card on reader
Using a biometric fingerprint scanner

Many companies and organizations need to restrict access to their buildings and grounds. This is accomplished with the use of electronic locks that lock automatically when a door closes and can only be unlocked by an authorized person. The locks are all connected to a central 'controller' that is usually a computer running control software. Authorization to unlock a door could be done by a variety of methods including keypad combination codes, magnetic card readers, or biometric devices such as fingerprint scanners. More capable systems allow system control over when a door can be unlocked as well as who can unlock it. This can be very useful for organizations whose schedule is constantly changing, such as a school campus. The classroom building doors might be open to all when the school is scheduled to be 'in session', and locked at all other times except to teachers, janitors, and other authorized people. We have installed these systems in apartment buildings, health care facilities, manufacturing plants, as well as schools. Let us work with you to provide a flexible solution that will provide the necessary security for your company.