Protect Your Home, your Family, and your Lake Home

Your home is not just one of your most valuable assets, it is the place where you and your family live. Everyone wants to think of their home as a secure place, where they are in control of what happens. When you are at home, that control is accomplished by using your eyes and ears to detect and handle unexpected events. When you leave home for any reason, control becomes more difficult and requires some precautions. Those precautions can range from simply locking the doors before you leave to arranging for someone to stay in your home while you are away. Most homes are vacant on a regular basis because family members have responsibilities that take them away from home, such as work and school. Simply locking the doors is not sufficient and leaving someone at home is impractical. A home security system from Koehlinger-Kruse is a reliable and affordable way for you to monitor your home while you are away.

When your home is empty, it is vulnerable to intrusion and other unexpected events.

Few experiences in life are as troubling as coming home to a mess caused by mother nature, or worse yet, by malicious intruders. Your best line of defense for dealing with these problems while you are away is a home security system. When something bad happens, the system will immediately alert our monitoring center in Fort Wayne and a system operator will notify you or anyone you designate. In the case of intruders or fire, we will call the authorities first, and then call you. Although a home security system cannot guarantee that these events will not happen, it can provide immediate action that will keep the resulting damage to a minimum.

A modern security system can help you protect your home from a variety of potential problems.

Burglar breaking into a home
Burglary and vandalism can result in destruction to your home and theft of your valuables.
House being destroyed by fire
Fire can significantly damage or totally destroy your home.
Flooded basement
A failure to detect unwanted water in your home can result in significant damage.
Frozen pipes
A failure to maintain proper temperature can result in frozen pipes, mildew and other damage.

Home Alarm Systems

Should you install a home security system?

The first step towards protecting your home with an automated alarm system is the decision to install one. Although most homeowners have probably considered installing one at one time or another, only a small number have decided to do so. If you are unsure about installing one in your home, here are a few facts that might help you to decide:

  • Homes without a security system are 3x more likely to be burglarized.
  • 30% of home invasions occur when someone is home.
  • 7% of home invasions result in the resident becoming the victim of a violent crime.
  • Most burglaries occur from mid-morning to mid-afternoon (when many homes are vacant).
  • 2 out of 3 homeowners that become victims of home invasions know the criminal(s) involved.
  • The average cost of property lost or stolen during a burglary is over $2,000.
  • Only 1 in 6 homes currently has a security system installed.
  • With so many easy targets available, most criminals will choose a residence without a security system
  • Most insurance companies will offer a discount on your home policy premiums if you have a security system installed.
  • In times of panic, such as a home invasion or a fire, a security system automatically notifies the Fort Wayne monitoring center so you don’t have to.

Koehlinger-Kruse Alarms


First and foremost, we design and install our systems with reliability in mind. To be reliable, a system must continue to operate during adverse conditions, such as power outages and broken telephone communications. The system must also be difficult for an intruder to ’defeat’. Our systems have a battery backup and will continue to operate for a significant amount of time during a power outage. They can be configured with a backup communication method that will ensure that alarm events reach the monitoring station even when primary communications have failed. All critical system functions are performed by hardware located in a metal box. This box is in an out of the way place, making it unlikely that an intruder would be able to locate and destroy the box within the alarm delay time.


We see a security system as a home improvement, not just an add-on. A security system is like a roof. It will only protect your home if it is installed correctly. We protect your home by installing quality sensors the right types and in the right locations, to give your home overall protection. We install a loud siren in a discreet location. The alarm is loud enough to be a distraction for intruders and makes them deaf to the approach of you and the police.



Instrusion Detection


Smoke & Fire Detection


Surface Water Detection


Temperature Detection


One Low Price

We offer our customers several economic advantages that some of our competitors do not:

  • Add additional sensors to monitor for smoke/fire, surface water, and temperature for no additional monthly charge.
  • Use our radio system as a primary or backup communications method instead of keeping full time telephone or cellular service. There is a small charge for this service, but it is a fraction of the cost of the alternatives.
  • Get 12 months of monitoring service for the price of 11 if you pay annually instead of monthly.


Motion sensors are a necessary part of any home security system, but can be problematic in homes with pets. We have years of experience with this problem and have proven methods that allow us to install a system that is effective and without false alarms caused by a pet.

Communication Options

We offer four separate methods of communication between your system and the monitoring station:

  • Traditional telephone ’land line’
  • Bi-Directional Radio
  • Long Range Radio
  • Cellular

Any of these can be used as the sole communications method or in combination to provide primary and backup communications methods.

Our Radio System

The FCC licensed radio backup system has been in operation for decades and has proven to be very reliable both as a primary and backup communications method. When used as a backup source the system sends parallel transmissions with the primary source to the monitoring center. This means that the system functions all the time, sending every system event to the monitoring station when the primary source does. It is active all the time, so even if the primary source is up but has garbled communication, the radio system will still send a redundant transmission. The system can also be used as the primary and only source of communication. It can continue to function for hours even if the power is out. This provides the customer with the unique opportunity to protect his property without the need to maintain telephone service at the property. This can be a great solution for someone wanting to protect a part time residence, such as a lake property.

Security Cameras for Home and Lake

The installation of home security cameras is a booming trend in the U.S. The market for residential systems is expected to grow at 8% annually in the coming years. More and more homeowners are choosing to round out their security systems with video surveillance. Many things have happened in recent years that have made these systems more affordable and more usable:

  • The current camera technology provides excellent video quality.
  • Competition and technology advancements have significantly driven down system costs.
  • High speed internet connections have made video streaming more practical.
  • Mobile devices running manufacturer supplied software make remote operation easy.

Cameras have Benefits:

The appearance of exterior cameras is intimidating to criminals, especially when combined with security system warning signs. A would-be intruder will know that even before he triggers the home alarm system, he is already on camera and being watched. This deterrence is enough to send most bad guys down the road looking for an easier target.

Homeowners can now view live video from a home security camera at any time and from anywhere. This provides peace of mind if you need to check on your kids, a babysitter, or someone making repairs to your home while you’re gone. It’s also reassuring to be able to take a look at your home while you are traveling.

If the security cameras have a recording device attached, the recorded video might prove valuable to law enforcement in apprehending criminals if a break in does occur. It can also prove valuable to the homeowner in simply reviewing activity during an absence from the home.

Custom Design and Installation

Home security video from every angle
Home security cameras with video recorder
Wireless live video camera

We custom design each camera system we install to specifically meet the homeowner’s needs. Some homeownsers want every angle of their home covered and other homeowners want to retain the video for a long time. Sometimes all that is needed is live video from a single location in the home. We install all types of systems, from a single stand-alone wireless camera to a full coverage wired system of various camera types, attached to a video recorder. Our technicians place the cameras in the right locations and aim them accurately, always taking care to minimize any mess caused by the installation and then cleaning up afterwards.

Some of the camera types we use in our installations:

360 degree view dome camera
360 degree dome camera. Capable of monitoring a whole room from a central location.
Exterior home security camera
Exterior grade camera. Weatherproof and infrared for night vision.
Pan-tilt-zoom security camera
Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. Can rotate 360 degrees, move up and down, and zoom in and out.
Ruggedized security camera
Rugged vandal proof camera. Hard to take out of service.
Concealed security camera
Discreet camera. Provides concealment for "hidden" video.
Wireless and portable security camera
Wireless internet camera. Portable and easy to set up.

Koehlinger-Kruse Complete Home Protection System

System signage warns intruders
Home alarm system
Security camera system

Combine one of our home alarm systems with a security camera system and get complete protection for your home and family. With our 24 hour monitoring service in Fort Wayne and your ability to remotely monitor the system yourself, you can be aware of what is going on at home at anytime and from anywhere.

Remote System Control

Both our alarm systems and security camera systems can be remotely controlled by the homeowner. Every alarm system can include a handheld remote 'fob' that can be used to control the system while in and around the house. Remote control of an alarm using a computer or mobile device is an optional add-on. The option includes hardware attached to the alarm's control unit and associated software that runs on a computer or mobile device. Remote control of a home security camera system is possible on computers and mobile devices using manufacturer software with the system. Our system installation includes software installation, configuration, and training for the homeowner.

Alarm system hand held remote control
Use the optional handheld remote to control the alarm system while inside or in close proximity to the outside of the home. Can be used in the car to arm and disarm the system as you come and go. Carry the remote on your person and press the 'panic' button when you believe you are in danger.
Optional alarm remote hardware and software
Remotely access the alarm system to check the status, as well as arm and disarm the system. This is very handy when you are half way to work and realize you forgot to arm the system.
Security camera system remote control
Remotely access the security camera system to check on what's going on at home. Check on your kids, a babysitter, or maybe packages at the front door.

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